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Music is an important area of learning in the primary years. It is a medium that contributes to the total development of the child including physical, intellectual, social and emotional development. At Bendigo Violet Street Primary School (BVSPS), each child experiences the role of composer, responsive listener and performer. 

Research shows learning music has a significant impact on the cognitive, emotional, social, motor and personal development of students. Here at BVSPS we provide music lessons which are engaging, creative and challenging and which promote the self-confidence of the individual.

Underpinning the learning of music at BVSPS is the Quality Music Education Framework for Victorian Schools (QMEF) and the Musical Futures approach. The Musical Futures model draws on the real-life learning practices of popular musicians, and involves students in self-directed, independent learning, in friendship groups, working on a series of musical tasks.  Informal learning is at the heart of the Musical Futures approach, however room is also made for formal learning in the music classroom too.  

BVSPS also provides an elective choral program for grades 3-6, which enriches and extends student’s musical experiences. 



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