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Principal's Welcome


​As Principal of Bendigo Violet Street Primary School, I am proud of the programs that we deliver at our school. We have a strong focus on Social Competencies that underpin the foundations of our whole school curriculum.

Our day to day practise is child centred and builds on the needs of the individual learner. Being a progressive school, we deliver a variety of programs that provide children with the opportunity to be involved in a diverse range of activities. We pride ourselves on being a small community school that offers big school opportunities. I am certain that your child will feel nurtured, cared for and will grow academically within our school environment.

I look forward to meeting with you so that I can talk with you personally in greater detail about your child's needs. I am able to provide a tour of our facilities to any prospective families.


Carolyn Tavener



Our History

The school has a great history and tradition, dating back to 1867.

We work in conjunction with a group called 'The Violetarians' that are committed to preserving our history. This group is made up of past students who meet annually to celebrate the traditions of the school.

In 2021, some of the Violetarians were filmed reminiscing about their time at Violet St Primary School. You can find the clips here.

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